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Prayer for the Day

Psalm 126:1
ESV:When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dream.
God can restore any lost Glory.
He can restore any good thing you might have lost.
He can restore your wasted years.How do I know this?
He did it for Zion. Meaning, He can do it for a nation. Nigeria will be restored in Jesus name. Psalm 126:1.
He did for David. Meaning, He can do it for an individual. 1 Samuel 30:18.
He can do it for you. Joel 2:25.
He has been doing it and He can't be limited or hindered because He can't change. Heb 13:8
He will do yours today in Jesus name.
Call on Him to restore your lost glory.
Tell Him to make your voice to be heard again.God bless you all.
Bunmi Ademola

God of Fruitfulness

Ninth month is a unique month. It is a symbol of fruitfulness.
It is also a month of delivery.
It is the beginning of ember months in the year.So, say this to yourself.
Father, make me unique in all areas of my life.
Father, let me fruitful in every area of my life.
Father, let me deliver with ease every good dream i have conceived in Jesus name.
Father, let all my good ambition become reality.
Father, let there be a new beginning in my life. New beginning of greatness, success, breakthrough, prosperity in Jesus name i have requested. Amen.God bless you all.Bunmi Ademola.