Go in this realm

The greatest strength of the testimony of Jabez is that God granted him answers that terminated his lifetime sorrow.  Today, God will grant you answers that will terminate every trouble around you. And the solutions of God will travel into your future before you get there in Jesus Mighty Name.  The victory of God will swallow battles before they get to you and the riches of God will arrest any need that may be standing against you in Jesus' Name.  God will dig a well of Jacob for you and you will never suffer thirst in Jesus' Name. Powers fetching your waters without replenishment will die in Jesus Name. Every hidden Jonah in your boat will be thrown into the ocean in Jesus Name. God will judge any power repaying you evil for good in Jesus' Name. Your reward will be larger than your labour.  Amen in Jesus Mighty Name. Good morning, and have a winning day ahead.
Bunmi Ademola.


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