Pay Your Debt work the for the wise

I know you are surprised with this topic but truly you are a debtor. And Bible says in Roman 13:1 that we should not own anybody anything. Many of us think it is only in money and materials things we can own, forgetting that there are other areas one can be indebted.
E.g we can own in time. You have appointment with someone by certain hour, whereas you know you can't meet up again before the time but you fail to communicate the person, you are a debtor.
If you come behind the schedule time of any program, you are a debtor.
You make a promise of anything without fulfilling it, you are a debtor.
You don't pay your tithes, you are a debtor.
You don't help the needy, you are a debtor.
You don't render the assistant that is within your power to the people who need it, you are a debtor.
You refuse to give your life to Christ, you are a debtor.
Repent and pay all your debts today.
God bless you all.
Bunmi Ademola.


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