Pray Until Victory

I Samuel 1:12-19.

There are two key major words in the above topic. Pray and victory. One leads to another.
Pray: to pray is to communicate with God.
          to pray is to ask God what you need.
          to pray is to request from God.
          to pray is to petition God. 1 Samuel 1:27.
Though, there are many definitions for this but i decide use the above in this way.
Then, what is victory? In one word it us 'triumph'.
God expects all believers to pray. He even commanded us to call unto Him. Jer 33:3. It is interesting that God is worthy to pray to. Why? He has what it takes to be prayed unto e.g.
>In ability, He has it exceedingly abundantly above all. Eph 3:20.
>In capability, nothing is too hard for Him. Jer 32:27.
>In strength or power, He is the possessor of it. Psalm 62:11. etc.

God wants us to pray unto Him and He is ever ready to answer us but not all believers receive what they ask for. WHY?
1, Some ask Amiss. James 4:3.
2, Some ask in doubt. James 1:6-8.
3, Some ask in sin. Psalm 66:18.
God in His infinity mercy has provided a way out of the above mentioned obstacles. For example, He said confidently in Mark 11:23-24 believe you have received what you are asking while asking.
Secondly, confess, forsake and forgive all your debtors. Proverb 28:13; Mark 11:25.

Prayer in faith and righteous living are the main raw materials for God's miracles i.e victory.
Men may spurn our appeal, reject our message, oppose our argument, and despite our persons but they are helpless to against our prayers. according to Sidlow Baxter.

Pray unto victory can be interpreted as ask until your joy is full. John 16:24.
May the Lord answer you as you take correct steps to prayer in Jesus name.
God bless you all.


Bunmi Ademola said…
I will not be tired in my request until i get my answer.

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