Let My People Go Part 2

Exodus 3:7-10
In the part 1 of this message, we had made it clear to us that "let my people go was not a joking statement" God meant what He said. We told us what to learn from this statement.
Let my people go.

Points to discuss;
Who was speaking here?
To whom was this statement?
Who were God's people?
Where were God's people?
Why were they in that place?
Why must they go? etc.

1) Who was speaking?
God was the personality speaking in this passage. With the little i know about Him. We know He is Merciful, Kind, Compassionate, in fact Psalm 103 says " He is slow to anger', but i also know that He is dangerous to confront. Hebrew 12: 29 says "He is a consuming fire" Let me be sincere with you, no matter how mad a dog may be. it knows fire when it sees one. You can either be for Him or against Him. If you are not saved, you are against Him. He can't fight for you. He can even fight you.
Give your life to Christ today. Tomorrow may be too late. Confess your sin and forsake them.
We shall continue next time.
God bless you all.


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