Don't Fight Alone

Judges 1:1-4
It is a pity that we permitted certain situations to prevail over us due to the steps we took towards such matter. In the above Bible passage, the children of Israel were confronted with a serious battle but they didn't move an inch until they inquired from God. You know what that means. Seek God's face on that situation before you take step.
In verse 2, God said Judah shall go up. Why Judah? He was not the first born. He was not the most skillful person among Jacob children. Why him then? You have to know the meaning of Judah first. Judah means "praise". That means, in this matter praise ME first. Let your praise go up to Me. Let ME see that you are not elevating that challenges above ME. Eph 5:20 also support this by saying in all things, give thanks.

You cannot fight alone.
 Judah went with Simeon. Get a partner to fight the battle of your life. Add prayers and fasting. Acquire all you need. Knowledge, skills, be educated etc.
Who are we to associate with?
Judah was an Israelite and Simeon was an Israelite. Don't join hands with unbelievers.2 Cor 6:16.  If Judah went with Egyptian, he might end up been a failure.
Note: the battle is of the Lord. Exodus 14:14. Make Jesus your senior partner. It will guarantee your victory.
God bless you all.


Bunmi Ademola said…
The journey is rough more than what one can imagine. May the Lord help us.

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