2Kings 7:3-6

The story of these four lepers will never be outdated. As a matter of fact there are countless lessons to derive from their actions.

Today, i will just highlight few out of what we can learn from them.
>They were broke i.e they were in need. Many of us today, once we are broke we quickly lost sense of reasoning. We lost control. We can do anything to get our way out.
>They got 3 options at the same time and they were to choose one.
>They made use of what they have at present. They reasoned. Please, use your brain. God gives you that brain for your benefits verse 4. No one has ever maximize the use of his/her brain.
>In the same verse 4, they chose now or never. They apply takuology.
>They took step in verse 5. Many people design good ideas but never take step. As a result, they never achieve it. Procrastination is the enemy of progress.
>Little did they know that they were working in God's plan. Verse 5. Prophecy had gone out before this time. Before they reach the camp of Syrians, the hosts of heaven has already chased them.
>They spread the good news.verse 9. What is inside them was activated. Immediately the woman in John 4:28-29 encountered Jesus. Evangelistic spirit in her was activated.
Ask yourself now. What is inside me?
God bless you all.


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