Let My People Go Part 5

Exodus 3:7-10;
We have been looking into this interesting topics for the past few days. And we have discussed several few things from it. Today, we will continue in the same topic which is part 5. May you richly be blessed in Jesus name. In part 2, i listed some points which i have explained part of it. I will write on the last one tonight.

Why must they go out of that land?
David made a statement in 1Samuel 17:29b Is there not a cause? Meaning that there is a reason for everything. Why must they go?
> Because God said so Exodus 3:7
> Because there time had expired. Gen 15 God said they are to spend 400 years and they had spent 430
> Because their time of deliverance has come
> Because there is nothing that has a beginning without an end. Surely, there is an end.

Let my people go was a statement that proceeded out of God after Israelites played their role. So, you have a role to play if you will get out bondage, slavery, stagnation etc.
What did they do?
God said "I have heard their cry in verse7" They cried to God for deliverance. Meaning that you have to cry to God. Jer 33:3 says call unto me and i will answer you. Number 14:28 back it up that God will do what you ask..
Call on God in prayer after you settle your short coming and He will answer you.
God bless you all.


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