Let My People Go Part 4

Exodus 3:7-10
We have discussed few things on this topic. And we intend to continue today by discussing two other points from the once enumirated in part 2. May the Lord open our eyes of understanding in Jesus name.

* Where were God's people?
That's to say, where were the children of Israel at that time.
The Israelites were in Egypt at that time.
Then what does Egypt signify in their life?
The land of Egypt to Israelites signifies;
1, a land of slavery
2, a territory of enemy.
3, a land of weeping. Exo 3:7
4, it is a land to labour for others to eat. Exo 1:11.
5, it is a land of affliction. Exo 3:17
The same God who delivered them is still the same God we are serving. He can deliver us too.

* Why were they in that place?
The story is long but i will go straight to the point.
Israelites were in Egypt as a payment of their grandfather's sin (Abraham). Though, it was a the same sin that some of thought it is minor sin. In fact, many of us commit it freely without pondering on it. 'Sin of doubt'. Genesis15:8; And he said "Lord GOD, how shall i know that I will inherit it? God had made a promise to him in the earlier verses of the same chapter but he doubted God. The consequence came to his descendants. Gen 15:13; No wonder Bible says anyone with doubting spirit can not receive anything from God.             Jam 1:6-7.
Many of us are suffering from the battle we do not know the genesis of it. The battle of Israelites was older than them but they had ancient of days that is Older than any battle.
This same God will fight for us in Jesus name.
God bless you all.


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