Act 3:1-10
There are two important words in the above topic.
1, Divine: This word has to do with something from above and Bible says in Jam 1:17 "that everything that comes from above is good and perfect.
2, Breakthrough: Dic meaning; overcoming some obstacles.
  It is to penetrate through to the other side.
If you look at the above meanings, you will discover that it is not an easy task to get the honey from the rock.
Look at the man in our Bible reading that was living the shadow of his life. This is to tell you that it is not about location. Your mind set matters a lot.
Let's check our reasoning. Don't reason like grass supper. The man was at the beautiful gate but nothing was beautiful in his life.
One good part of the matter is that God can give above our thinking Eph 3:20.
The man in our text was looking forward to receive arms from Peter but he got what can give him arms. Can you imagine a beger suddenly became a source of income to the entire family.
What is our expectations towards our lives? God that gave that man a major breakthrough will do your own in Jesus name.
Change your orientation. Your destiny is superior to your location.

Be expectant and do your part by doing the following;

>Be diligent Prov 22:29
>Pay your tithes. Mal 3:10.
>Pay your first fruits Prov 3:9-10
>Consider the poor Psalm 41:1
>Pray hard
>Have what it takes for what you are looking for. i.e Acquire adequate knowledge in your field.
>Be faithful.

God bless you in Jesus.
Bunmi A.


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