Deliverance From Unknow Curses

Act 3:1-2; 
There is what we call generational curses. If you check the following Bible passages 2Samuel 3:28-29; 2Kings 5:27; 1Kings 11:1-3. You will discover that all the curses rained upon these people were extended to their children and children children.
In our text, Bible says the man was lame from his mother's womb. Meaning that he couldn't explain the cause of his condition. He was suffering from unknown curse. Who knows? may be he is from Joab family. The man in John 9:1-2 experienced the same problem. He was born blind but God was glorified in his life. God will be glorified in your life in Jesus name.

Signs to know that you are under curse.
1) When there is a reproach that you can not tell or explain how it started Act 3:1-2.
2) When you discover that you are passing through what some people are suffering from in your family. IKings 11:1-3.
3) When there is occurence of unpleasant situation. IChron 4:9
4) When you know that your efforts is above your income. Haggai1:5-6
5) When you don't even have a definite plan for the future. Luke 15:11-17

 Way out;
> Run to Jesus. He is the Saviour of the world. Matt 1:21
He can set you free John 8:32,36.
He can show you the way John 14:6.
Come to Him now. Matt 11:28-30.

Say the following prayers:
>Every source of reproach in my life, dry in name of Jesus.
>Everlasting Hand of God, take me out of the pit people are falling into in my family in Jesus name.
>Every stubborn unpleasant situation in my life, expire in Jesus name.
>Every parasite eating the fruits of my labour, consume by fire in Jesus name.
>I refuse to walk without direction again in Jesus name.
God bless you all.


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