Benefits Of Unanswered Prayer.

Everybody wants his prayers to be answered. In fact, many people want it instantly. Let me ask you, how do you feel when your prayers are not answered. Little do we know that all things work together for them that love God.
Do you know that there are benefits in unanswered prayers. It is not all prayers that are not answered are evil, some are beneficiary. Can you imagine if God had answered Jesus' prayer that day, what would have been our hope?

1) It gives long life. It can be away of giving you long life. Many people are asking for death warrant indirectly. The Omniscience God refused to give them because He didn't want them to die at that time.
2) It brings victory Revelation 12:11. The blood of Jesus shed on the cross made us to overcome satan.
3) It puts an end to calamity John 19:30 confirms it that it is finished.
4) It gives us riches. 2 Cor 8:9. He because poor so that we might be rich.
5) It gives us healing 1Peter 2::24. The stripe was made available for healings.
6) It brings salvation 1John 1:7. That is greatest of all.
7) The unanswered prayer of Jesus Christ gave Him name that is above all names. Phil2:8-9.
So, next time you pray and God does not answer you, first find out His will on the issue.
I want you to praise God for some of the prayers you didn't receive answer to in the past because God has a reason for deny you of them.
God bless you all.


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