What Is Your Expectation?

LUKE 2: 25-32
Expectation can be described as the act of looking forward to an event that is about to happen. Setting your heart on something with the hope that something will come out of it.
What you expect will determine what you get. But you need to see what you expect in the spirit realm. Gen 13:14-16. God showed Abraham the land mass he was to possess. The man in our text had seen in the realm of the spirit that he would not died until he sees Jesus verse 26. So, they expected it. What do you see about your life. Some people always see failure, death, evil. The thought of God for our lives is good Jer 29:11.
The good aspect of it is that, the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off. Prov 23:18.
There are alots tthat you must expect but they must be based on scriptures.
 1, The coming of the Lord. There should not be greater expectation of any believer than the second coming of Jesus Christ. John 14: 2-3; Act 1: 9- 11.
2, You should expect that your prayers shall be answered. Mum14:28; John14:14.
3, You will get your rewards when Jesus shall come. Rev22:12.
4, You will not die poor. 3John2; Psalm 34:10.
5, Sickness is not your portion.Exodus 15: 26.
There are many things you can expect from God. Search the Bible to know more.
The joy of it is that, God can give beyond your expectation. Ephesians 3:20 but it is according to the power that works in us. Is He in you?
God bless you all.


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