Victory Over The Battles of Life At Home.

Genesis 2:4
God is the constituted authority of marriage (home). He established home by bringing together of a man and a woman through holy matrimony. It is mainly for them to fulfill the purpose of God for their lives. Homes encounter battle of life through the works of the devil. The focus of the devil is home. If the home can be captured, the society is in danger.

1) What is victory?
Victory means a successful end of a struggles. God can give us victory. 1 Corinthians 15: 57. We can also say victory is winning a war.
The issue is that there can no be victory without a battle.

2) What do we mean by battle?
A battle is a fight, war or struggle between two or more opposing groups over who to win power. The battle of life is real and home is one of the major battle fields.
The devil is the opposition leader.
Life is a war, right from the moment you are conceived and to the moment of death. All Christians must be ready to fight because you are an escaped slave from Satan. 2 Tim 2:4. The devil is after every child of God everyday.
There are many battles of life to be confronted with:
1, Physical battle.
2, Materials battle.
3, Emotional battle.
4, Marital battle. Though, there are many others but home is our focus.

Knowing your enemy
The principal enemy of man kind is the devil but there are classes.
The most dangerous one is internal

How to win the battle of life in the home.
1, Prayer: Family alter is of necessity at home. Spend time and pray together.
2, Faith: Heb 11:6.
3, Apply the word of God wisely. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are needed in marriage to handle some issues.

If we must live a victorious life;
- we need to build up family strength by adhering to the plan of God for marriage Gen 2:24-25.
- there should be unity in the home. Psl 133:1-3
- communication must not be scarcity commodity.
- everyone must be committed.
- love
- training of children is very important.
 CONCLUSION: Brethren, don't pretend that there is no battle when all is not well at home. The battles are of the Lord. Call on Him in prayers
Lastly, you need Jesus to enjoy victory in your marriage.
God bless you all.


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