Roll Away The Evil Stones.

Matthew 28 vs 2; John 11 vs 39,
Similarity: Stone was placed on the entrance of the grave to block a dead person. That shows that they were trying to bring out something out of that action. There action was that, if Lazarus wake up, he won't get out. It means hungry or heat will kill him again.
1) A natural can not be predicted. So, don't loose your guard.
2) The wish of your enemies is for you to die.
3) Despite the fact that the man had died, the people still tied him. Likewise, many people have been tied spiritually.
4) They placed a stone in other for the helpers not to locate him. Similar thing was done to Israelites. Note: Israelites were still alive. Joshua 6vs1.
5) They threw him in darkness. Many people are in darkness today.
6) His sisters had lost hope about him. The situation of some people has gotten to the level that, everybody around including their pastors are already tired of them. But Job 14vs7 said there is still hope.
7) Last, i discover that there is a God who can settle all situations. Jesus did it for Lazarus. He will do it for you too.
You need to be His friend as Lazarus was His friend before his death.
God bless you all.


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