Make Your Motive Right

Act 3:2-8,
Let me quickly define a word from our topic.
 MOTIVE: It can be described as the reason that makes one to do something. i.e. anything that prompts a choice of action.
It is only a senseless person that will do something without a reason. The reason may be good or bad, genuine or not. There must be a reason for whatever you do.
Many people do things for profits.
Many do for pleasure.
Many do just for God sake.

1) God sees our heart. He knows our thought. Right from the inception of that thought, He knows how it will end. As a matter of fact, He knows the end before the beginning. 1Sam 16:7; 1kings 8:39.
2) God knows our frame. He created us. So, He knows all the joints, veins, bones and every organs of our body. Psalm 103:14.
3) He knows our weaknesses. He is our potter who moulded us. Jer 18: He must know both strengths and weaknesses in us.

Back to our text, the man in our text did something that explain his motive for the healing he received. If you are searching for something, many people may not know the motive behind it until you get such things and actions that follow will tell them what your motive is. You can't hide what is in you immediately you have what you wanted.
This man's action showed that he had wanted to praise God but he couldn't because of his challenges. Verse 8 says " so he leaping up, stood and walked and entered the temple with them- walking, leaping, and praising God. That has been his desire but no way until that faithful day.
When God answers that your request, what will you do? Why do you ask for that job, spouse etc? If your motive is wrong, correct it now.
Let's praise God together.
God bless you all.


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