Check Yourself Before It Is Too Late

1Corinthians 11:12, Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.
Many children of God have lost the focus of where they are going. In fact, some don't even know where they are at present. One thing i want to remind them is that if they don't know where they are going again, they should know where they are coming from. If they can trace their steps back, they will find their way out. Our constitutional book tells us in 1Cor 13:5 "to "examine ourselves whether we are still in faith". With what i am seeing on daily basis devil has succeeded over many people. May the Almighty in His numerous mercy deliver us before it is too late. If the trumpet sounds today, haha! There will be bitter tears on several unprepared faces.

Take note of the following:
1, Evaluate yourself. 1Cor 11:28
2, Trace and locate where the fault is. 1Cor 13:5
3, Don't be too big to amend your ways. 1Peter 5:5-6
4, Cry for help where necessary. Psalm 34:17.
5, Associate yourself with the right group. 1Cor 15:33.

If we can humble ourselves before God , not minding the title or the position we are occupy, He will save us. A time is coming that there will not be remedy again. God will help us in Jesus name.
God bless you all.


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