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What Is Your Expectation?

LUKE 2: 25-32
Expectation can be described as the act of looking forward to an event that is about to happen. Setting your heart on something with the hope that something will come out of it.
What you expect will determine what you get. But you need to see what you expect in the spirit realm. Gen 13:14-16. God showed Abraham the land mass he was to possess. The man in our text had seen in the realm of the spirit that he would not died until he sees Jesus verse 26. So, they expected it. What do you see about your life. Some people always see failure, death, evil. The thought of God for our lives is good Jer 29:11.
The good aspect of it is that, the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off. Prov 23:18.
There are alots tthat you must expect but they must be based on scriptures.
 1, The coming of the Lord. There should not be greater expectation of any believer than the second coming of Jesus Christ. John 14: 2-3; Act 1: 9- 11.
2, You should expect that your prayers shall be answ…

Make Your Motive Right

Act 3:2-8,
Let me quickly define a word from our topic.
MOTIVE: It can be described as the reason that makes one to do something. i.e. anything that prompts a choice of action.
It is only a senseless person that will do something without a reason. The reason may be good or bad, genuine or not. There must be a reason for whatever you do.
Many people do things for profits.
Many do for pleasure.
Many do just for God sake.

1) God sees our heart. He knows our thought. Right from the inception of that thought, He knows how it will end. As a matter of fact, He knows the end before the beginning. 1Sam 16:7; 1kings 8:39.
2) God knows our frame. He created us. So, He knows all the joints, veins, bones and every organs of our body. Psalm 103:14.
3) He knows our weaknesses. He is our potter who moulded us. Jer 18: He must know both strengths and weaknesses in us.

Back to our text, the man in our text did something that explain his motive for the healing he received. If you are sea…

Check Yourself Before It Is Too Late

1Corinthians 11:12, Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.
Many children of God have lost the focus of where they are going. In fact, some don't even know where they are at present. One thing i want to remind them is that if they don't know where they are going again, they should know where they are coming from. If they can trace their steps back, they will find their way out. Our constitutional book tells us in 1Cor 13:5 "to "examine ourselves whether we are still in faith". With what i am seeing on daily basis devil has succeeded over many people. May the Almighty in His numerous mercy deliver us before it is too late. If the trumpet sounds today, haha! There will be bitter tears on several unprepared faces.

Take note of the following:
1, Evaluate yourself. 1Cor 11:28
2, Trace and locate where the fault is. 1Cor 13:5
3, Don't be too big to amend your ways. 1Peter 5:5-6
4, Cry for help where necessary. Psalm 34:17.
5, Associate yours…

Victory Over The Battles of Life At Home.

Genesis 2:4
God is the constituted authority of marriage (home). He established home by bringing together of a man and a woman through holy matrimony. It is mainly for them to fulfill the purpose of God for their lives. Homes encounter battle of life through the works of the devil. The focus of the devil is home. If the home can be captured, the society is in danger.

1) Whatisvictory?
Victory means a successful end of a struggles. God can give us victory. 1 Corinthians 15: 57. We can also say victory is winning a war.
The issue is that there can no be victory without a battle.

2) What do we mean by battle?
A battle is a fight, war or struggle between two or more opposing groups over who to win power. The battle of life is real and home is one of the major battle fields.
The devil is the opposition leader.
Life is a war, right from the moment you are conceived and to the moment of death. All Christians must be ready to fight because you are an escaped slave from Satan. 2 Tim 2:4. The d…

Don't Be Discouraged

Ecclesiastes 11 vs 4. He who observes the wind will not sow, And he who regards the clouds will not reap. This verse simply tells us not to look at circumstances around us before we carry out our assignments because it may discourage us not to do what we ought to do.
Many people are discouraged even at the edge of success. The truth is that discouragement is one of the weapons of the devil.
Many people have been disappointed by their religion leaders. So, they resolve not to fellowship with one another again. Their conclusion was that if a pastor can do this, then there is no hope again. I can't blame them because they have missed it right from the beginning. Our costitutional book tells us to look unto Jesus not unto pastor. Hebrew 12 vs 2. But they look unto man to follow. They rely on man instead of God.
Note: for the fact that you can find the fake among the church leaders, is to tell you that there is still original among them.
Shift your focus from man onto the Messiah. It i…

Roll Away The Evil Stones.

Matthew 28 vs 2; John 11 vs 39,
Similarity: Stone was placed on the entrance of the grave to block a dead person. That shows that they were trying to bring out something out of that action. There action was that, if Lazarus wake up, he won't get out. It means hungry or heat will kill him again.
1) A natural can not be predicted. So, don't loose your guard.
2) The wish of your enemies is for you to die.
3) Despite the fact that the man had died, the people still tied him. Likewise, many people have been tied spiritually.
4) They placed a stone in other for the helpers not to locate him. Similar thing was done to Israelites. Note: Israelites were still alive. Joshua 6vs1.
5) They threw him in darkness. Many people are in darkness today.
6) His sisters had lost hope about him. The situation of some people has gotten to the level that, everybody around including their pastors are already tired of them. But Job 14vs7 said there is still hope.

Ignorance is Deadly

Somebody once said if you think knowledge is expensive, try ignorance. The amount of knowledge you acquire and apply will determine the level you attain in life. No wonder Jesus said in John 8:32 "And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. It is the truth you know that will work for you.
Hosea 4:6 stated it clearly that ignorance is a destroyer. Deliver yourself from it. And it shall be well with you.
Lastly, the truth is Jesus is the Lord. John 8:36. When He steps into yourlife, your freedom is total.
God bless you all.