Tough Time Is Over

Psalm 30:5
There is a general saying that tough time never last. Most of the times difficult time takes longer time than expected but it will surely end. That is why bible says weeping may endure for a night, joy will come in the morning. It may look as if God has forgotten you, you may want to give up because of your present situation that seems to be too difficult for you. I am happy to let you know that your joy is near. I mean is here. Don't give up, you will soon be congratulated.

What to do in time of difficulties.
1, Examine yourself 2 Corinthians 13:5 admonishes us to examine ourselves whether we are still in faith. When you are sure of your standing in Him and you are perfect, then move to second step.
2, Get His presence. It is the presence of God that make a difference in somebody's life. Psalm 16:11 says it is only in the presence of God you can find fulness of joy. You can't be in the presence of God and be visited with sorrow.
3, Trust in Lord. Psalm 37:5 say…

It Is Not Too Late Part 2

And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this judgment.
There is something many of us forget to put into consideration when pursuing our ambition in life. The thing is that every earthly achievement ends here on earth.

 Whereas, there is life after death. That's why bible says in Psalm37:27; Depart from evil, and do good; And dwell forevermore. Meaning, you will live after death if you are righteous and it is the righteousness of Christ that qualify you. That's why you need Jesus in your life.
Why? Because physical death is not the end of a man. Life still continue to eternity. Hebrew 9:27 supports it that "everyone has one time to die, after death is judgment.
It is a pity that many people don't even think about the kind of judgment they may likely get.

Note: No bribery in the court of God. As you lay your bed, you will lie on it.
Whatever  you sow you will reap, Gal 6:7. You can amend your ways while you are still alive. Immediately the spir…

God deserves Your Praise.

Text Psalm 118: 19-21
KJV:Open to me the gates of righteousness: I will go into them, and I will praise the Lord
KJV:This gate of the Lord, into which the righteous shall enter.
KJV:I will praise thee: for thou hast heard me, and art become my salvation.

There is no doubt, God delights in praises of the righteous. Bible Confirmed it in Psl 22:3, He dwells in the praise of His people. Also, He earnestly seek those that will worship Him on daily basis. John 4:23
God is interested in praise and He expects us to give it to Him all the time Galatians 5:20,  but He can't take that of sinners. No matter the level of love you have for a particular meal, even if you are hungry, you can't eat it from the gutter.
Our text say, open to me first the gate of righteousness. 
Note: not one gate but gates. i.e righteousness in all areas. Then, i will praise you because it is then you can hear me. Psl 66:18 says "if i regard iniquity in me, God will not hear me. Including hearing my praise.

Pray Until Victory

I Samuel 1:12-19.

There are two key major words in the above topic. Pray and victory. One leads to another.
Pray: to pray is to communicate with God.
          to pray is to ask God what you need.
          to pray is to request from God.
          to pray is to petition God. 1 Samuel 1:27.
Though, there are many definitions for this but i decide use the above in this way.
Then, what is victory? In one word it us 'triumph'.
God expects all believers to pray. He even commanded us to call unto Him. Jer 33:3. It is interesting that God is worthy to pray to. Why? He has what it takes to be prayed unto e.g.
>In ability, He has it exceedingly abundantly above all. Eph 3:20.
>In capability, nothing is too hard for Him. Jer 32:27.
>In strength or power, He is the possessor of it. Psalm 62:11. etc.

God wants us to pray unto Him and He is ever ready to answer us but not all believers receive what they ask for. WHY?
1, Some ask Amiss. James 4:3.
2, Some ask in doubt. James 1:6-8…

It Is Not Too Late Part 1

Psalms 45:7
"Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows."
Pulpit Bible commentary.

The topic sounds attractive but our introduction will take another dimension.
According to our text, we discover that righteousness is needed if you want to excel.
What is righteousness? It simply means obedient. Though, there are many definitions for it but i decided to simplify it like that.
Psalm 48:10c says "Thy right hand is full of righteousness".
Mathew 25:33-40 tell us that He calls those at the right hand righteous because they obeyed the word of God as it is written in Deut 15:11. The question is "do you obey the word of God?"
Many people are killer. Bible says in Exodus 20:13 "thou shall not kill". You may be surprised by this statement but it is real. Not until you carry gun to shoot that you kill neither when you stab someone with knife that you have killed. Y…

Let My People Go Part 2

Exodus 3:7-10 In the part 1 of this message, we had made it clear to us that "let my people go was not a joking statement" God meant what He said. We told us what to learn from this statement. Let my people go.
Points to discuss; Who was speaking here? To whom was this statement? Who were God's people? Where were God's people? Why were they in that place? Why must they go? etc.
1) Who was speaking? God was the personality speaking in this passage. With the little i know about Him. We know He is Merciful, Kind, Compassionate, in fact Psalm 103 says " He is slow to anger', but i also know that He is dangerous to confront. Hebrew 12: 29 says "He is a consuming fire" Let me be sincere with you, no matter how mad a dog may be. it knows fire when it sees one. You can either be for Him or against Him. If you are not saved, you are against Him. He can't fight for you. He can even fight you. Give your life to Christ today. Tomorrow may be too late. Con…

Dangerous Enemy

James 4:17
"Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin."
Pulpit Bible commentary
A gospel yoruba singer sang a song "Pariwo oso ni won ba, ariwo,ariwo. Pariwo aje ni won ba ariwo,ariwo. Olori ogun to nja o, owa ninu re iwani.i.e don't blame witches and wizards too much. The major enemy you have is inside you. 'character'.
Many of us fail to ask certain questions from ourselves.We notice, we have prayed, fasted and probably visited many mountains yet there is no desired results. Why can't you ask why? Why is my prayer not answered.
The answer is: there are last down rules you must follow to get answer from God.
1, John 15:16 says you must win souls and get answer to your prayers.
2, Job 36:11 and Isaiah 1:19 say you need to obey and serve God before you can eat the good of the land.
3, Proverb 3:9-10 tell us to pay our first fruits, then our barns will be filled with plenty and there will be new opportunity.
4, Ephesians …

Don't Fight Alone

Judges 1:1-4
It is a pity that we permitted certain situations to prevail over us due to the steps we took towards such matter. In the above Bible passage, the children of Israel were confronted with a serious battle but they didn't move an inch until they inquired from God. You know what that means. Seek God's face on that situation before you take step.
In verse 2, God said Judah shall go up. Why Judah? He was not the first born. He was not the most skillful person among Jacob children. Why him then? You have to know the meaning of Judah first. Judah means "praise". That means, in this matter praise ME first. Let your praise go up to Me. Let ME see that you are not elevating that challenges above ME. Eph 5:20 also support this by saying in all things, give thanks.

You cannot fight alone.
 Judah went with Simeon. Get a partner to fight the battle of your life. Add prayers and fasting. Acquire all you need. Knowledge, skills, be educated etc.
Who are we to associate …

Doors Of Multiple Blessings

Job 42:10-12
Job 42:10
"And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before."
Job 42:11
"Then came there unto him all his brethren, and all his sisters, and all they that had been of his acquaintance before, and did eat bread with him in his house: and they bemoaned him, and comforted him over all the evil that the LORD had brought upon him: every man also gave him a piece of money, and every one an earring of gold."
Job 42:12
"So the LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning: for he had fourteen thousand sheep, and six thousand camels, and a thousand yoke of oxen, and a thousand she asses.

Blessing according to dictionary is a kind of divine or supernatural aid or reward. Blessing is the opposite of curse. If you have a better understanding of curse, you will understand blessing very well.
There are different categories of blessings.
1, Soulish 3John 2
2, Mental: Solo…


2Kings 7:3-6

The story of these four lepers will never be outdated. As a matter of fact there are countless lessons to derive from their actions.

Today, i will just highlight few out of what we can learn from them.
>They were broke i.e they were in need. Many of us today, once we are broke we quickly lost sense of reasoning. We lost control. We can do anything to get our way out.
>They got 3 options at the same time and they were to choose one.
>They made use of what they have at present. They reasoned. Please, use your brain. God gives you that brain for your benefits verse 4. No one has ever maximize the use of his/her brain.
>In the same verse 4, they chose now or never. They apply takuology.
>They took step in verse 5. Many people design good ideas but never take step. As a result, they never achieve it. Procrastination is the enemy of progress.
>Little did they know that they were working in God's plan. Verse 5. Prophecy had gone out before this time. Before…