Midterm Proposal — Museum events for Children

I’ve been frustrated by often missing events at museums since registration is always in advance. I would do searches on the internet and find good events or workshops for children, for instance in the Museum of Modern Art always has a waiting list. Maybe listing only free events that does not require registration will be better.

I would like to create a simple and plain mobile website that has listing of museum events in Manhattan and maybe Brooklyn. I’m not interested in long content just quick listing based on location. If mobile the incorporation of GPS locations. The incorporation of a calendar will also be helpful since most of the events will have to be rsvp well in advance.

Issue: Going to every possible website to gather this information. Not knowing how often the information is updated on the site. I will probably have to establish relationships with these museums which will be a marketing tool for them.

This will also be my final project but the midterm will be the start of it.

Reading: Designing for Multi-Touch…

Before reading this article Designing for Multi-Touch, Multi-User and Gesture Based Systems by Joel Eden I saw a post from my sister’s friend on Facebook that said:

“i feel so helpless with this Blackbery …just cuz its a torch doesnt mean ish to me…help please before i pick up my old phone with no back piece ….at least i aint have to buss my brain to use it….arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Funny isn’t it. I feel the same about my samsung phone when I have to use their browser, I don’t even try any more.

Intriguing Mobile Web App: AirStrip Technologies

This application is for the HealthCare industry. It allows doctors to securely receive vital real time patient information. It provides visually display that replicates some of the monitors used in the hospitals as well as provides graphical representation of information that may be placed in separate files in a patients chart.


  • Can be used on any mobile device as well as tablet devices.
  • When away from the patients bedside doctors are able to get real time information.
  • Patent Pending, they are able to send all these visuals and reports without using too much battery life and does not compromise the system.
  • Integration with hospital monitoring system is possible.

This is directly from there website.

AirStrip avoids key barriers facing mobile device platforms, including:

* Intermittent/slow connection speeds over cell-phone networks
* Supporting and scaling across multiple operating systems while concurrently allowing very customizable presentation layers
* Cumbersome steps to establish a secure logon (2-factor authentication)
* Reduced hardware resources (i.e. slow processors, low memory, low storage)
* Limited battery life
* Requirements to work offline/disconnect from the network
* Need for data synchronization/replication
* Lack of remote administration/technical support capabilities
* Difficulty rolling out new updates/fixes

The system design overcomes these obstacles by providing a rich set of synergistic services. Security, scalability, and reusability are central to the design.